2019 K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch League Worldwide Championship


Qualified Team Registration

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If you competed in any League Season in 2019 or Winter Season 2018, you and the dog(s) that competed are eligible to represent your hometown Club in the 2019 K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch League World Championship on Saturday, October 12 at any of the 23 Regional Worldwide Championship Competition Venues. Rules & Eligibility

Space is Limited, Register Early & Save
All teams will play 3 one-minute rounds and there will be no cuts (that’s 120 rounds @ 3 minutes to complete a round = 6 hours without breaks). Consequently:

  • Space will be limited to 50 Teams at most venues.
  • A Handler may enter no more than two (2) "qualified" Teams to give more people a chance to play.

Registration is only available online and closes Saturday, October 5 @ midnight EST. There are two types of fees (all in $US) we must charge to help make this a world-class event:

  1. Per Team Registration Fee: This is the Worldwide Championship League Fee for each Team (handler & dog) registered.

    Open Registration


    Ends Friday, Aug 2

    Late Registration


    Ends Tuesday, Oct 1

  2. Variable Venue Surcharge: Registration also includes a per person surcharge to help defray facility rental and management fees, equipment costs, any other costs the hosting Club deems appropriate, and, for US-based venues only, insurance requirements.
  3. Refund Policy:

    Transfers, Refunds and Cancellations – Non-emergency
    If you or your dog cannot attend the Worldwide Championship, you may transfer your registration to another qualified dog or request a refund per the terms and dates below.

    There will be no penalty for cancellations received on or before July 31, 2019. The full amount paid minus a 10% processing fee will be refunded.

    A cancellation fee of 50% of registration costs will be applied for cancellations received between August 1 and September 1, 2019.

    No refund will be issued for cancellations received after September 1, 2019, unless in accordance with the Emergency Policy below.

    You may transfer your registration to another qualified dog if requested by a deadline of September 28, 2019, 14 days prior to the Worldwide Championship. A $10 Transfer Fee will be assessed for transfers of registration to different qualified dog.

    All cancellations or requests for transfer must be sent in writing via e-mail to mark@tossandfetch.com. Telephone or Facebook requests will not be honored. Please email cancellations and expect confirmation within two days.

    K9 Frisbee, LLC is not responsible for problems beyond our control such as weather conditions, venue conditions, etc. No refunds will be given in these situations. The final decision on refunds rests with the K9 Frisbee, LLC.

    Emergency Illness or Death of Registrant or Immediate Family Member
    Refunds may be granted if a competitor or a dog is unable to attend the Worldwide Championship due to a family death, illness, or other extraordinary circumstance.  In such a circumstance, the Main Office must be contacted by phone or e-mail. If initial notification is by phone, it must be followed up in writing. Refunds will still be subject to the 10% processing fee.

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