Certified Frisbee Dog

Awarded to Vinny

handled by Mark Vitullo

for achieving the Certified Frisbee Dog (CFD) title in the
90:/5 March 2024 League Season

This commendation recognizes your enthusiasm and drive to become a Certified K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch Dog (CFD).

By consistently scoring 10 or more weekly raw points three times in a 5-week-long Season of the K9 Frisbee Worldwide League, you've demonstrated K9 Frisbee skills and athleticism.

Your ability to track the frisbee, execute hand-offs, and coordinate with your handler showcases an impressive level of teamwork and skill.

Your accomplishments earn you due respect from others in the world of dog sports.

Attested by: __________________________

Captain Name, Captain
K9 Frisbee Club Name

Mark Vitullo
K9 Frisbee League Commissioner