How to Choose the Right K9 Frisbee for Your Dog!

A Buyer’s Guide to Dog-Safe, Competition-Quality Dog Discs.

To be successful in any sport, you need quality equipment that falls within an established set of standards, is best suited to the athlete, optimized for the conditions, and safe to use.

K9 Frisbee is no different. Fortunately, the only thing you need to play the game of K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch with your dog is . . . a Frisbee!

A Little History . . . And Frisbee Trivia.

Regardless of manufacturer, all dog-safe competition discs are modeled after the Frisbee® Fastback introduced by Wham-O in 1970. The Fastback was a revolutionary flying disc with a wind-tunnel-tested wing-shaped profile, a distinctly curved shoulder, and a top plate with a unique series of air turbulence-inducing rings that help create lift – called the “Rings of Headrick” after the Wham-O’s design engineer Ed Headrick.

With improved stability and speed, Fastbacks became the first “professional competition” disc and the standard design for all K9 Frisbee organizations.

Today there are several flying disc manufacturers who make a range of Fastback-style discs specifically designed for canine frisbee competition play. Unfortunately, you’re generally not going to be able to find these in pet stores and will have to order them online. Below we’ll give you links to the most common competitive disc manufacturers, but first let’s talk about what constitutes a dog-safe, competition-quality K9 Frisbee.


What’s a “Dog-Safe” Competition Disc?

When selecting a K9 Frisbee disc, there are a couple things you should consider with the most important being your dog’s safety, second being aerodynamics.

  • Dog-safe discs are made from non-toxic plastic that either a.) allows the dog’s teeth to easily puncture the disc without cracking, or b.) resists punctures with a more durable, but heavier bite-resistant plastic.
  • Dog-safe discs all have a gently rounded lip on a reinforced rim for the dog to safely bite.
  • Dog-safe competition discs tend to weigh between 110 and 145 grams.
  • Dog-safe competition discs can be no bigger than 9” (228mm) in diameter.
  • Smaller and lighter 6” to 7” diameter discs with the same dog-safe characteristics are available for Tiny Dogs and puppies.

The floppy, soft rubber discs sold in pet stores by brands like KONG® and fabric discs like the ones made by Chuckit™ are also considered dog-safe and they’re approved for K9 Frisbee Worldwide League play.  With unstable aerodynamics, they’re not considered competition-quality dog discs and are not allowed by most other Disc Dog Organizations.

Un-safe, Unapproved Competition Dog Discs.

If your plastic disc doesn’t look and feel like a Frisbee Fastback, chances are it’s neither safe or approved.

Ultimate Frisbee discs are too big, heavy and not allowed in competitions.

Never play with a golf-disc as their rims are too sharp and the discs are too heavy. An errant throw with a golf disc can easily crack a dog’s tooth. That’s not fun. Also, avoid Aeorobie-type ring discs which are too sharp and dangerous for your dog.

WARNING: The cheap, thin, hard-plastic toy discs found in pet stores or online will crack and shatter creating sharp shards.  They can cut a dog’s mouth and, if ingested, injure a dog internally. If you have one at home, throw it away.

Light Plastic vs. Heavy Plastic?
It depends on your dog and your wallet.

Dog-safe competition discs come in two main types, generally called “Light Plastic” and “Heavy Plastic.” There are plusses and minuses for each type.

Light Plastic Competition Dog Discs (~ 100 to 120 grams): In the $3 to $6 USD price range, Light Plastic dog discs are made from a pliable plastic that allows a dog’s teeth to easily puncture the disc without cracking the plastic. Cold weather, however, can make Light Plastic discs brittle and crack when bitten.

All dogs will eventually destroy a Light Plastic disc, some dogs faster than others. Once a disc has too many punctures or a cracked rim, throw it away.

Light Plastic discs exhibit optimal Frisbee aerodynamics. They take less effort to throw, have a gentler float and, when thrown correctly, finish softer into the dog’s mouth.

And they float in water – so that’s a plus!

Heavy Plastic, Bite-Resistant Competition Dog Discs (~ 130 to 145 grams): In the $12 to $20 USD price range, most dogs, even hard-biting ones, can play with a bite-resistant Heavy Plastic disc for several weeks before it’s time for the trash can. With a more rubber-like feel, teeth normally won’t be able to puncture these discs or crack the rim and they hold up better in cold temperatures.

Because they’re up to 50% heavier than a Light Plastic disc, their ability to “ride the air” is reduced which also means they’re less affected by wind. However, they can be more difficult to throw and not all dogs can catch up with these faster flying discs. They require more spin and arm strength to fly well, fly faster, and finish harder — some say they drop like rocks.

If your dog rips through Light Discs, Heavy Plastic may be your only option, but keep them away from water because they don’t float.

What to Put in Your Bag?

Not all dog discs are created equal. All dogs play differently. Everyone has a unique throwing style. Weather conditions vary.

So, what’s the right disc for you? Only you and your dog can figure that out. Buy a couple different kinds, play with them, test and evaluate them. You may find you need a couple different types of dog discs in your competition bag.


Where to Buy Most Common Competition Approved,
Dog-Safe Discs

Except for Skyhoundz, which allows only Hyperflite branded discs, all of the following discs are approved for use by the major disc dog organizations including USDDN, UFO World Cup, Ashley Whippet, UpDog Challenge and the K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch Worldwide League.

Where to Buy Dog Frisbees in the USA
In the U.S., there are three main manufacturers for dog-safe, competition-quality dog discs, available direct or from 3rd Party online retailers including Amazon:

Discovering the World: Wham-O Fastbacks.

Hyperflyte, for Skyhoundz approved Discs.

Hero Disc USA for Hero Dog Discs.

Where to Buy Dog Frisbees in Europe
In Europe, dog-safe discs, as well as most of the discs reviewed here (as well as others not reviewed), are available here:, for dog and human discs

Where to Buy Dog Frisbees in Latin America

 Smart Dogs in Colombia
A full-line dog sport online store


Wham-O Frisbee® Fastback | 110 grams, 9 5/16" diameter (236mm)
(light Plastic)

$3.50 each from Discovering The World

The original Frisbee® Fastback was the first disc suitable for dogs. It’s the one Alex Stein used with Ashley Whippet when he snuck onto the field at an LA Dodgers game back in 1974. For many years, it was the only disc type used in K9 Frisbee competitions and many of today’s discs are variations of the Fastback design. This is a very Light Plastic disc favored by freestyle teams and the standard in toss & fetch, and long-distance competitions.

Wham-O Eurablend Fastback Frisbee® | 140 grams, 9” diameter (228mm)
(heavy plastic - bite resistant)

$10.95 each from Discovering the World

The Eurablend model Frisbee® disc is a classic fastback made with a special, high-durability material. It is puncture and crack resistant, and at 140 grams, is a heavy disc. I’ve heard it’s popular in Europe but I don’t see many people in the U.S. using it.

Hyperflite Competition Standard | 105 grams, 8.75” diameter (222mm)
(light plastic)

$4.35 ea. from Hyperflite

The Competition Standard is the official competition disc for Skyhoundz. An inch in diameter smaller than a Fastback it has a rougher surface to help your grip and reduce glare. It’s a high-quality disc with great flight characteristics. Several World Champions swear by them but it’s probably used by less than 10% of competition disc doggers. It’s not bite resistant but does seem to stand up a little better than a regular Fastback.

Hyperflite Jawz Disc | 145 grams, 8.75” diameter (222mm)
(heavy plastic - bite resistant)

$19.75 ea. from Hyperflite

The Jawz Disc is the most durable, but also the heaviest, dog disc in the market. It’s incredibly puncture resistant and most dogs can play with one every day for a month or more. Because it’s so heavy and only 8.75” across, it floats like a rock. However, if you can impart high spin, make strong throws AND your dog is fast enough to keep up, it’s great competition disc.

Hero Xtra 235 Distance | 110 grams, 9.25” (235mm)
(light plastic)

$5.99 ea. from Hero Disc USA

The Hero Xtra 235 is one of the most popular competition discs available. It’s the same size and weight of a Wham-O Fastback but with a slightly higher profile giving it a bit more lift in flight. It’s a great disc to float downwind, adding to your distance while providing enough hang time for a dog to catch up to it. If your dog has a light bite, this is a great disc for beginners and pros.

Super Hero 235 | 140 grams, 9.25” (235mm)
(heavy plastic - bite resistant)

$13.99 ea. from Hero Disc USA

Think of the Super Hero as a Jawz disc that actually floats on the wind. It’s a little lighter than a Jawz and three-quarters of an inch wider in diameter to help it grab a little more lift.  While it’s puncture resistant, it’s not quite as durable as a Jawz but still stands up well to hard-biting dogs and is a very popular disc in competitions.

SuperSonic 215 | 120 grams, 8.5” (215mm)
(heavy plastic - bite resistant)

$13.99 ea. from Hero Disc USA

A little lighter and a little smaller than the indestructable Jawz discs from Hyperflite, SuperSonics have better flight characteristics and are a great choice for intermediate and pro toss & fetchers looking for accuracy and distance and a soft flight finish.

Find the Disc Right for You and Your Dog

In addition to the discs described above, all of the manufacturers offer several other models including small versions for puppies or tiny dogs. You can also find most of these discs on

Try a couple different types and experiment with them. Most experienced disc doggers rely on a variety of discs depending on the wind conditions, which dog they’re playing with, or the requirements of the competition. Figure out which ones you can throw, which ones your dog can catch and balance that with your dog’s ability to destroy them.

Regardless of the disc you choose, if you play frisbee with your dog regularly, you’ll need a lot of them so stock up when you can. All discs will eventually become unplayable. When the rims become jagged you can sand them down. At some point, you’ll just need to throw them out and play with a fresh one.