How to Start a K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch Club in Your Hometown


With more than 300 active K9 Frisbee Clubs around the world, there may be one near you.  Check our Worldwide Club Map to see. If not, start your own Toss & Fetch Club where you live and play.

As easy as 1, 2, 3

Anyone, anywhere, at anytime can start a K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch Club to get his or her local community, friends and family playing in the easiest, friendliest, funnest dog sport on the planet.

To get started, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Raise your hand.

  2. Find a field.

  3. Contact us.

It's that easy.  Here are the three tips with just a bit more detail:

ONE: Oh Captain, My Captain!

To get your group of friends, community, dog training facility, or existing disc dog club started in League, raise your hand and become a Club Captain. Every Toss & Fetch Club needs someone to step up, take charge, organize and run his or her local group.

Read over the Complete League Rules and ask any questions. Other than that, there’s no previous dog sport experience necessary; and there are no classes or certifications required (because it’s so easy). All we ask is that you be a good person and take the disc doggers pledge of “Honesty, Fairness and Good Sportsmanship.”

TWO: “If You Build It, They Will Come”

To qualify as a Club, you need a minimum of eight people on your roster when a season begins, so look around, talk to people and start recruiting. Starting a Facebook page is a great first step.

The easy part is finding at least 8 people to hang out, laugh and cheer each other watching dogs run, jump, bark and wag their tails uncontrollably.

Depending on where you live (and it can be anywhere in the world, remember?) finding a field to play on once a week for five weeks can be the tricky thing, but never impossible.  Ask your local parks, schools, churches, or athletic fields for permission to play. If you’ve got room to play on private land, even better.

If you form a USA-based Club we can even provide a Certificate of Insurance that names the field owner or venue as the insured.

To comfortably and safely fit the playing field dimensions, you need a flat patch of grass that’s at least 70 yards (65 meters) long and 30 yards (30 meters) wide.

THREE: “You’ve Got a Friend”

When you’re ready to get the process in motion, reach out to the League Administration, by email, telephone, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype or, preferably, Facebook and we’ll get you going.

We’ll schedule an initial phone call, or a chat through instant message, to begin the new Captain on-boarding process – it’s as easy as “A, B, C”:

A. Become a Facebook Friend: "Friend" Mark Vitullo, the League Administrators on Facebook. For this worldwide League, Facebook is our main communication tool and it works great. Once we’re friends, we’ll add you to “Toss & Fetch League Club Captains,” a private, closed Facebook group. Here, you’ll be privy to administrative announcements, policy and rules discussions and tips and hints on how to run a successful Club. Encourage all of your Club members to follow the League on Facebook for scores, highlights and photos of flying dogs all around the world.

B. Provide an Email Address: Approximately one week before every season begins, Captains are provided with a link to a private Google Sheet where they list their Club’s roster. This is also where Captains will report their Club’s team scores each week. Gmail addresses work best.

C. . . . Actually, that’s it. There is no “C.” See how easy it is to get a K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch Club started?

How Much Does It Cost to Have This Much Fun?

Of all the dog sports, K9 Frisbee give the biggest bang for the buck, euro, peso, ruble, etc. We require no up front commitment or administrative cost to start a Club. League Fees are only:


The League Season Fee for competitors playing in the United States of America is $15.00 for the first dog (Team) and $10 for any additional dogs (additional Teams) for an entire five-week Season. There is no limit to the number of Teams a Handler can enter.


The League Season Fee for Competitors outside the USA is $10 US per Team (handler & dog).

League Season Fees are due after the 3rdweek of each season based on the number of Teams on your Club's roster.

Everyone on your Club who plays in Weeks 1, 2 & 3 of each Season will qualify for one custom embroidered commemorative season patch. There’s no League Fee for anyone who joins after Week 3, but they will not be guaranteed a patch – just fun.

Equipment & Supplies to Run a K9 Frisbee Club

You will, however, need to invest $50 to $100 in some basic equipment and supplies, all that can easily fit in the trunk of most cars (that’s “boot” for you proper English speakers).

Here’s a complete list of all you’ll need, including upgrade options, with links to products and what they cost on

Measuring Supplies

For League play, lines do not have to be painted but you’ll still need to accurately measure and mark corners of the trapezoidal field. Your head will explode the first time you try it, many have been reduced to tears, but it quickly gets easier. Use spray paint to mark where all the cones go so you only have to measure once each season.

Cones and/or Pylons:

Judging / Timing Supplies
A line judge with a stop watch calling out time works, but a better, more accurate and predictable method is to set up a speaker with automated timer audio file run from a smart phone.

Automated Timer Components:

Get in the Game Today!

With 7 five-week season each year, there are plenty of opportunities to come out and play. Pick the season that works best for your climate or play in them all. But first you've got to get a Club started. be a Captain. It's easy. Contact us today.