1500 Competitors in
200 Clubs in 18 Countries
Competing in 23 Cities
on 4 Continents
on 1 Weekend in October!

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K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch is partnering with UpDog to make this October weekend extra special.

On Sunday, October 13, disc doggers will be playing UpDog games at the World Championship Regional Sites, competing for regional and worldwide placements both by group and individual. Visit for details.

A true, worldwide championship where 3,000+ ELIGIBLE League members and their dogs, from 200+ Toss & Fetch Clubs, in 18 countries, compete simultaneously (in their time zone) on the same day in one of 23 convenient regional locations.

Open to League Members only:
To be eligible, a Team (handler & dog) must have played three weeks in at least one League season in the previous year

K9 Frisbee Worldwide Toss & Fetch Championship Official Rules

K9FT&F WWC Club Competition Format:

  • For the Worldwide Championship (WWC), K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch rules apply EXCEPT play will be on a lined field and all teams will play three (3) sixty-second rounds.

  • Handler’s Division and handicaps will be assessed based on a Handler’s past League Play.

    • Experts: no handicap; Masters +15 Points handicap (5 points per round); Handlers + 30 Points handicap (10 points per round); Juniors (13 years or under on competition day): + 30 Points handicap (10 points per round)

  • Ties for all placements will be broken in this order:
    • Highest 3rd Round Score
    • Highest 2nd Round Score
    • Highest 1st Round Score


  • In the WC format, only the top 8 scoring “A” Teams on a Club’s roster will earn Club Points, leveling the playing field between large and small Clubs.

  • To accommodate as many people as possible, registration is limited to two Teams per handler. A handler's highest scoring Team after 3 cumulative rounds is the Team eligible to score Club Points and earn Individual Awards. All Teams, however, will be ranked.

  • All Teams (handler & Dog) will be ranked by their cumulative three round scores, plus their handicap.

  • The Best 8 unique handler Teams on each Club will be awarded Club Points, regardless of where they finish in the Overall Individual rankings.

  • Club Points will be awarded from Best (# of participating Clubs x 8) to Last  (1 point).

    • Example: If 110 Clubs are registered, 110 x 8 = 880. The Top ranked Team will earn 880 points for their Club, the 2nd eligible Club Point Team will earn 879 points, the 3rd will earn 878 points . . . 880th will earn 1 point).

K9FT&F WWC Individual Competition Format:

  • In the WWC format, there is a 2 Team an individual Handler can enter, as long as both dogs are eligible.

  • All Teams (handler & Dog) will be ranked by their cumulative three round scores.

  • All Teams run by a handler will be ranked, however, only one dog per Handler, the top-scoring Team, is eligible to score Club Points and for Individual awards.

  • Handlers will compete within their Divisions (Expert/Master/Handler/Junior) so handicap points will not affect Individual ranking and awards.

To Be Eligible:

  • Regional WWC Competition Sites will be determined where multiple Clubs will compete together and judge each other. For a regional site to be valid, at least 3 different member Clubs must be present.

  • A Club must be an established K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch Club and participated in at least 1 league season in the preceding 12 months.

  • There is no roster minimum or maximum for a Club to be eligible/ranked. (one handler could be the sole representative of their Club).

  • A Team (both handler & dog) must have played on a Club, and posted a minimum of 3 weekly scores in at least one of the last five League seasons.

    • 2019 WWC Eligible Seasons: Winter 2018, SDU, Spring, Summer or Fall 2019.

  • Teams may only represent a Club for which they’ve played in the previous five seasons.

Regional Championship Awards:

Regional Champions will be awarded locally, in person, at the end of the competition:


  • Regional Individual Champions

    • Top 3 Experts, Masters, Handlers, Juniors (Awards)

      • Regional Champion

      • Regional 1st Vice-Champion

      • Regional 2nd Vice Champion

Worldwide Championship Awards

After all scores from all the Regions around the worldwide are submitted, A Worldwide Championship Club and individual teams will be honored (awards will be mailed).

  • Worldwide Club Awards

    • Worldwide Club Champions (with 8 individual awards)

    • Worldwide 1st Vice-Champions (with 8 individual awards)

    • Worldwide 2nd Vice-Champions (with 8 individual awards)

  • Worldwide Individual Champions

    • Top 3 Experts, Masters, Handlers, Juniors (Awards)

      • Worldwide (Division) Champion

      • Worldwide 1st Vice-Champion

      • Worldwide 2nd Vice-Champion

All Competitors will receive a Worldwide Championship Competitor Players Pack

Everyone who competes in the K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch Worldwide Championship (WWC) will receive a Players Pack filled with as many goodies as we can accumulate.

At a minimum, each Competitor will receive:

On Saturday, Oct. 12 upon check-in:

  • A Custom-embroidered Worldwide Championship Competitor Patch
  • A Commemorative WWC Wham-O Fastback Frisbee
  • more to come . . .

Via Mail, after the competition:

  • A Sequentially Numbered WWC "Bag Tag" based on order of finish worldwide.

Sponsored in the USA by

Unexpected Vet Bills? Toss them to Embrace Pet Insurance.

K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch