Mark Vitullo: Founder and Administrator of the K9 Frisbee Worldwide League


Mark Vitullo: Founder and Administrator of the K9 Frisbee Worldwide League

Mark Vitullo and his 2012 World Champion Lulu, the German Shepherd dog who started Mark on his disc dog journey. Mark Vitullo’s dedication to the K9 Frisbee Worldwide League has created a welcoming, supportive community for dog lovers everywhere. His vision has transformed a simple game of fetch into a global sport, bringing joy and companionship to thousands of dogs and their handlers.

Early Beginnings:

Mark Vitullo’s journey with K9 Frisbee began in 1977 during a weekend music festival in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was there that Mark witnessed his first dog Frisbee competition, sparking a lifelong passion for the sport. “I’ve always had dogs in my life,” said Mark. “They all loved to fetch tennis balls but I never thought about throwing them a Frisbee, until I saw that competition. It was so much fun to watch those dogs fly and ever since I’ve always played Frisbee with my dogs.”

Competitive Spirit:

What started as casual backyard play quickly turned into a competitive passion for Mark. In 1997, he entered his first local Frisbee dog competition in Cleveland with his white German Shepherd, Luke, and they won. This success fueled his desire to compete further, and he continued to participate in local events, always performing well.

After Luke passed away, Mark welcomed another German Shepherd, Lulu Von Whitedheim, into his life. Lulu’s natural talent and speed in Frisbee led them to regional and national competitions. In 2012, at the age of four, Lulu helped Mark win the World Championship held in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Birth of the K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch League:

Disc Dog competitions are traditionally held on weekends, but Mark saw an opportunity to create a more frequent and accessible format. Ohio Disc Dogs began a weeknight league for local players, providing fun, fellowship, and practice. Inspired by the success of this local league, Mark challenged his friend Scott Jones from Disc Dogs of Michigan to a five-week competition between their clubs. This friendly rivalry in 2015 marked the birth of the K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch League.

Mark & Alex, Naperville, 2019: On the left is Mark Vitullo, a native of Stow, Ohio, the passionate founder and administrator of the K9 Frisbee Worldwide League. On the right is Alex Stein, the Shaker Heights, OH boy who, with his amazing whippet Ashley, created the sport of disc-dogging in the 1970's. With a rich history in dog sports and a deep love for dogs, both Alex and Mark have dedicated their life to promoting K9 Frisbee and bringing this exciting, family-friendly sport to communities around the globe.

Growing the League:

Mark’s vision and dedication have grown the K9 Frisbee Worldwide League into a global phenomenon. By Spring 2017, the League had expanded to 32 cities across the U.S., Canada, and Europe, with hundreds of teams competing. Today, the League is played in over 200 cities worldwide, with more than 7,000 active members.

A Global Vision:

Mark’s marketing and advertising expertise, combined with his connections in the disc dog community, have been instrumental in promoting the League. He has leveraged social media and built a dedicated website to expand the League’s reach. Mark’s efforts have made K9 Frisbee accessible to dog lovers everywhere, turning it into one of the largest dog sports in the world.

Mark & Betty, his Dutch Shepherd, represent the K9 Frisbee Worldwide League to win the Dog Frisbee competition on FOX's 2021 World Pet Games that aired nationally on that Thanksgiving evening.

Personal Philosophy:

Mark believes that K9 Frisbee is as much about the dogs as it is about the people. “I get the most satisfaction when someone completely new to dog sports joins the League,” he says. “Once they try it, they almost always catch the K9 Frisbee bug because they see how much fun their dog is having and what a great human-to-dog bonding experience it becomes.”
Contact Information:

Mark Vitullo
Phone: 330-819-8612

Kokomo, IN, May 16, 2015: Mark and Zelda's 72.5 yard catch in the long distance Quadruped stood as the longest catch of the day up until the very end when we were denied by Matt Bilderback, who needed an extra tie-breaker throw to edge out a 73 yard catch. Still, Zelda hung on for third in our first Men's Open.